I think my WakaWaka Light is defect, what can I do?

Hi Agent of Light,


Please read the following tips & tricks, so you can make optimal use of your WakaWaka.



Depending on the weather condition in the region that you live in, it can be more difficult to fully charge the WakaWaka Light (WWL) with the sun. When charging the WWL it is important that the sun shines directly on the solar panel. So when the sun turns, you have to turn the WWL in the direction of the sun.


Indicator Light

The indicator light on top of the WakaWaka Light indicates whether it’s being charged through the solar panel by the sun. You can test this by holding the solar panel under a strong lamp or in the sun. If the indicator light on top starts to blink, you know that the solar panel works.


Hopefully this Troubleshoot solved all the problems your WakaWaka might had, and that it makes your WakaWaka ready to shine again! If this is not the case the friendly Agents of Light from Customer Experience will do everything in their power to help you!

You could send them an email at support@waka-waka.com. They will answer as soon as possible!

You can find the productpage of the WakaWaka Light here

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