I think my WakaWaka Power+ (product code WWP22) is defect, what can I do?

Hi Agent of Light, 

Please read the following tips & tricks, so you can make optimal use of your WakaWaka.

The information is categorized, it might seem a lot of text but we want to advise you to try to read the whole page.



Depending on the weather condition in the region that you live in, it can be more difficult to fully charge the WakaWaka Power+ (WWP+) with the sun. When charging the WWP+ it is important that the sun shines directly on the solar panel. So when the sun turns, you have to turn the WWP+ in the direction of the sun. It takes approximately 12-24 hours to fully charge a WWP+. When it is not that sunny or when your WakaWaka is behind (double) glazing, it takes longer to fully charge your WWP+.




The battery of the WakaWaka Power+ has a capacity of 2200 mAh, this means that devices with a smaller (or equally sized) battery capacity can be fully charged with the WWP+. Some high-tech phones have a capacity larger than 2200mAh. A WWP+ can charge these phones, but not at once. Could you please check the capacity of the battery of your phone?



Sometimes, when the WakaWaka Power+ has been stored for a longer time or when the WWP+ isn’t used for a while, the battery can be empty. This isn’t harmful and can be solved by charging the WWP+ with a micro-USB through the AC grid once. This gives the WWP+ an energy boost that normally does the trick! A universal micro-USB charger is the same cable as the one from an Android phone or a GoPro camera and can be bought at any electronic shop or phone shop.



Both charging your phone with the WakaWaka Power+ and charge the WWP+ through the grid, work with a micro-USB cable. If your WakaWaka isn’t charging at all, you can first try to use another USB-cable and/or another phone.


Indicator lights

The indicator lights from a WakaWaka Power+ should work as follows:

  • The single light on top of the WWP+:

This light blinks when the WWP+ is charging via the solar panel. You can hold your WWP+ with its solar panel towards the sun or hold it under a strong lamp and check if the light is blinking.

  • The 4 lights on top of the WWP+:

These lights indicate the battery status. 4 Green LED’s = 100%, 3 green LED’s = 75%, 2 green LED’s = 50%, 1 green LED = (<)25%. If the battery status shows only one light, it could be that your WWP+ doesn’t have enough power to charge your phone. However you can still use the light perfectly!

  • The blue light next to the USB port:

This blue indicator light will light up when you charge a phone or another device via the USB port. Open up your WWP+ to see this light.


Hopefully this Troubleshoot solved all the problems your WakaWaka might had, and that it makes your WakaWaka ready to shine again! If this is not the case the friendly Agents of Light from Customer Experience will do everything in their power to help you!

You could send them an email at support@waka-waka.com. They will answer as soon as possible!

You can find the productpage of the WakaWaka Power+ here

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